Whether you are just getting started or moving from a different location, generally a lot of work is involved. Especially when it comes to setting up your new office space. Choices must be made about requirements and preferences, design, purchasing and realisation. There are many details to sort out, and often one or more unanticipated developments will have consequences for your budget, the completion date and quality.

The Garden makes it easy for you by offering a Turnkey Package. We design a state-of-the-art layout package according to your specific situation, preferences and the latest office design trends. The plan encompasses floor coverings, partitioning, special fixed elements such as kitchens, cables and security.We also handle all of the necessary adjustments to technical systems based on the layout.

Our purchasing power and project management skills enable us to offer you a fixed office design at an utmost affordable price, without any planning or budget risk. Depending on your preference, we are also willing to take on the investment and offer an entirely turnkey arrangement, thus eliminating this item from your books.

Are you interested in this affordable convenience?

Please contact: CBRE, 020 - 62 62 691