Energy Label A

A lot of attention has been paid to ecological themes in this office complex, e.g. sustainability and the environment, ensuring that green stays green. Major investments were required to minimize its CO2 emission levels. An environmentally friendly and sustainable system has been installed at The Garden to heat and cool the building.

This Thermal Energy Storage (TES) system consists of a heat pump and underground energy storage wells. Hot and cold wells are installed deep underground where – in the winter – groundwater from the hot well is pumped up into the building for heating purposes. This groundwater cools to approximately 7°C as it dissipates its thermal energy within the building. This is then pumped back underground to the cold well for use during the summer months. This modern system reduces CO2 emission levels significantly, as it replaces conventional gas-fired boilers and cooling systems that require a lot of power.

A Class A energy label has been awarded in recognition of the investments made to reduce The Garden's power consumption levels. The Garden is therefore the ideal location for business owners who care about social and ecological issues as well as economic objectives. Each building is awarded with a class A energy label.

The energy label certificates can be downloaded by clicking on one of the links below:

- Energielabel Birch
- Energielabel Elm
- Energielabel Maple
- Energielabel Oak

Please enquire about the comprehensive Energy Label A report available from CBRE.

The Garden is the perfect complex for sustainability minded entrepeneurs who are concernes as much about social and ecological values as enonomic values.