Delivery level

The Garden has been fully renovated. All offices are up to date and will stand the test of time.
All of the entrances have been refurbished and are highly attractive. In addition, the layout is very easy to navigate. The entire complex itself is definitely worth a visit.

The quality of the level of finishing is extremely high. The buildings and offices come with the following amenities and more:

  • unique green interior garden;
  • spacious outdoor terraces on the water / in the green areas;
  • representative entrance;
  • passenger lift;
  • separate women's and men's toilet;
  • raised floors;
  • monitor friendly light fixtures;
  • balanced ventilation with a heat recovery system and air conditioning;
  • heating and cooling using heat/cold storage and heat pump;
  • temperature control per 7.2m;
  • utility submetering for each building;
  • seperate sprinkler system for each building (certified);
  • basic intercom system;
  • window washing system;
  • building management system;
  • motion detectors at intervals of 7.2 m.